Staying Youthful ….. Is it closer to reality than we thought ?

Is everyone looking for the Fountain of youth ? Well !!! That anti-ageing magic pill has not yet arrived and most people have had at least one fantasy of how to turn back the clock. The case of Benjamin Button who became younger, seemed like just a fascinating idea only possible in the movies.

Today most people are faced with unmistakable signs of ageing, an injury which is taking longer to heal than when you were in your teens and twenties, crows feet, wrinkles and frown lines, greying hair and the list goes on. In a world where we are bombarded with how to look younger and beautiful by in our face billboards, TV commercials and social media, people are spending huge amounts on anti ageing creams, hair dyes and hair transplants, viagra, botox, breast augmentation and plethora of cosmetic and surgical procedures. One cannot stop smiling when someone pays them a simple compliment – “Wow, you look so much younger” or “you look half your age”. The youth today, is being portrayed as hot, sexy and attractive. People’s obsession to look youthful has caught on and the quest to remain young has accelerated at warp speed.0-sa-d1-7b0c18bb437488774cffdfa257b6780d

Don’t most people begin by coveting what they see everyday ? These days you virtually see many celebs and public figures, from actors, models, politicians, business and TV heads, girls who are aspiring to enter beauty pageants, to even men and women wanting to look perfect before their wedding day, are all getting worked done to either their face or body or both. This is why the general population’s fascination with maintaining a youthful appearance continues to skyrocket.

Yes, it’s great to look and feel young. But these are temporary benefits/effects and sooner or later age is bound to start showing. So why not find a simpler way to look youthful and natural without having to do much or none of these artificial and invasive methods which squeeze your purse and time too. What if you are told that you could get anti-ageing results without all these painful and risky treatments ? Take a moment to ponder over this…….You may not know that “you” could be holding keys to the Fountain of Youth.

Our ancient scriptures were right, the tales of those ageless yogis and saints meditating in the Himalayas for hundreds of years is closer to reality than we thought. So is meditation the best kept anti-ageing secret ?

According to research it has been proven that meditation lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and other markers of ageing. It enhances both psychological and physiological well-being. Through a study done within the first five years of practising meditation, the upshot is that the biological ageing process completely stops and for most people it actually goes into reverse. Those who meditated appeared, 12 years younger as they were able to slow down their ageing process.0-sa-d4-ff19c6fc51f43a63c767a9d692ce4415

Researchers today agree that stress is one of the major causes of ageing, be it mental, emotional or physical. Unfortunately cellular repairs is one of the key functions to get shut down when we are under a stress response, and due to regular levels of intermittent stressors in our lives, we find our cellular repair and replacement is often compromised. The stress hormone cortisol also ages the brain. As a result our bodies and brains are ageing at a faster rate when under stress. LESS STRESS = LESS WRINKLES.You can eat all the organic and healthy foods and use every non toxic product available, but if you lead a life filled with STRESS, then all the positive benefits won’t be absorbed by the body and skin.

I have realised the only and the best method of releasing stress is to shut your phone, unplug your computer and all other gadgets and align the Mind-Body-Spirit with meditation. If in meditation we can affect the stress response, we can affect the ageing process, which is the reason why meditators look young and live longer. Your skin begins to shine, you look brighter and youthful, and there is a healthy glow which transcends age. Meditation is powerful.

0-sa-d1-65de539597e98f7e4658518412d40cd0Wake up and realise – here is a solution for all to go the Benjamin Button way even as the number of candles go up. I have been practising meditation for many years and I wake up every morning with a smile, as though I have dropped into my body feeling many years younger. So for those who would like to stay youthful forever there is nothing better than indulging in meditation. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. If you meditate 30 minutes in the morning + 30 minutes at night, you will begin to see amazing benefits. Bigger boobs ? Maybe not, but developing a healthy heart and a calm inside, does create visible results on the outside. For me meditation is the most effective tool and the answer to a youthful, healthier, happier life. I believe in the magic of meditation. Indulge and you can experience the magic too…..

Just Be….







6 thoughts on “Staying Youthful ….. Is it closer to reality than we thought ?

  1. Thanks for sharing your secret. It really is the simplest of things which make the biggest difference. It’s gonna be a tough one to start (meditation) but I am going to start… *fingers crossed*

    p:s: you seriously look the same since the early 90’s *big hug*

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